About Us


We are oldest the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Steel Shots, SS Shots, Grit, Copper slag, Glass Beads, etc in Jodhpur. Jodhpur is a hub of shot-blasting industries for different types of shot-blasting equipment. We are the best steel grit manufacturer in India.

What We Manufacture

We are the manufacturer of Abrasive Shot, steel grit, copper slag, and garnet sand at a low price and a minimum delivery time. We can fully satisfy our customers by providing the best solution in all industries where sand/ shot blasting equipment is working. To further assure the utmost quality for our customers, We provide an acclaimed range of products checked on various parameters, which are Density, Physical and chemical properties, Micro Structure, Hardness, and Durability.

What We Offer

We offer sand blasting booths, sand and shot blasting nozzles, thermal spray guns, zinc spray guns, HVOF Spray Gun, metalizing wire, thermal spray wires, zinc wire, abrasive media, chilled iron grit, walnut shells, PS Balls, abrasive garnet sand, steel shots, abrasive steel grit, tungsten carbide grit, etc.